Commercial Pest Control in in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ

Our Residential Pest Control Services include treatment of current infestations, as well as preventative methods and treatments to protect your home, children, pets, and anything of utmost value. We offer several residential pest control programs to fit every situation and budget. We offer monthly treatments, every other month treatments, and quarterly treatments to best suit your pest-control needs. Our staff will be happy to listen to your concerns and set you up with the best pest control service solution. We use the best pesticides for residential pest control services and offer our clients the very best!

For a free quote, please call our:
Tucson office at 520-333-9292 or
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General Residential Pest Control
Includes the Following

Scorpions Kissing Bugs
Cockroaches Mites
Ants Spiders
Millipedes Centipedes
Flies Gnats
Beetles Beetles
Moths Pill Bugs
Sow Bugs Earwigs

Arizona Bug Doctor, LLC, Pest Control Services, Tucson, AZ

Our extermination guarantee is 100% satisfaction in all of Tucson and Phoenix Arizona

Bees & Wasps Termite Scorpion Pest Rodent